Health 101

Keeping health at a high level was always a key goal for me. Here are some of the thoughts and routines which I always keep in mind when I am considering my health. Do not consider this as any kind of medical advice as it is more my own code of conduct.

Daily routines

  • wake up at the same time, for me usually 5 am and my bedtime will be at 9 pm
  • taking a cold shower every day
  • meditate or practice gratitude for at least 10 minutes in the morning
  • drink the last coffee at 12 pm
  • stop any drinking 2 hours before bedtime (7 pm in my case)
  • try to spend the time with the sun
  • walking is my main sporting activity
  • take regularly ashwagandha or bacopa monnieri


  • keep the carbs at the lowest level – I am not orthodox for keto but I try to exclude carbs in my daily diet
  • always consider how the food will impact insulin, leptin, cortisol
  • try to always skip the breakfast, if the breakfast is necessary or you will join friends, then exclude carbs and stay focused on proteins and fats
  • if you need to eat carbs, then do it in the evening
  • try to always exclude: wheat, milk, dairy products, sugar, juices, carbonated drinks, alcohol, fruit, vegetable fats
  • maintain intermittent fasting with an 18/6 routine as a standard approach

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